2018 VIP Lounge Submission


VIP Lounge Submission

You’ve shopped ‘til you dropped for your Very Important Pooch.  You’ve checked out the contests, fashion shows, competitions, and maybe even entered your VIP in one of them.  It’s time to put your feet up, kick back, and chill out for a while.  Where to go?  A Lounge bar full of Open Farm Treats awaits your fur baby!

Woofstock has designed a special VIP Lounge, exclusive to our VIP Club members.  It’s a private oasis of calm where cool canines and their peeps can “paws” for a while, and lounge on comfortable, relaxing sofas – which of course are, specially designated  for our VIP’s.  Along with this opportunity comes some nifty VIP sWAG Bags – for the lucky 1,000 Winners.  In true club style, our VIP Lounge will have its own doorman who will admit you and your pal into a quiet, restorative space.


The VIP Lounge at Woofstock will be giving away 1,000 sWAG Bags (*Limit ONE per household*).  All VIP members that have registered will have a chance to win.

After numerous suggestions from our beloved attendees, we have come up with a Fun, New procedure to get everyone more involved.

This years selection will be done by way of lottery, in order to give everyone an opportunity to Win!


Sign Up Instructions:

Contest will be from Friday, May 11, through to Friday, May 18.

  1. There will be posters for you to share on you social media platforms.  These posters will either be sent through email, or be posted on our Social Media page.
  2. Share the poster to your social media networks – *BE SURE TO TAG WOOFSTOCK IN THE SHARE*
  3. Copy the link of your shared post.
  4. Fill out the form below and don’t forget to Paste the shared link – showing us that you’ve shared it.
  5. Submit, and you have now been entered for your chance to win.

You can submit multiple submissions.  The more entries you submit, the more chances you have for your name to be drawn.

The VIP Lounge Sign Up will end on Friday, May 18.

You have 1 week to submit as many entries as you’d like.

Good Luck!

VIP Lounge Signup